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Shattuck & Grummett Insurance – The Ultimate Guide!

In the heart of Juneau, Alaska, stands a testament to resilience and commitment – Shattuck & Grummett Insurance.

With a heritage spanning four generations, this esteemed firm has been a cornerstone in the insurance industry since 1898, making it the oldest operating agency in the Last Frontier state.

In this article, we will explain about Shattuck & Gummett insurance. If you are interested in this then let’s come with us.

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A Historical Journey – Let’s Check It Out!

Founded in the late 19th century, Shattuck & Grummett has weathered the tests of time, adapting and thriving in an ever-changing landscape. The firm’s enduring success can be attributed to its commitment to excellence. 

A quality passed down through four generations of dedicated professionals. The company’s roots are deeply embedded in the Alaskan soil, and its legacy reflects the pioneering spirit that has defined the state’s history.

Comprehensive Insurance Solutions – Here To Know!

Shattuck & Grummett Insurance is renowned for its comprehensive range of services, offering both commercial and personal insurance solutions tailored to the unique needs of its clients.

Comprehensive Insurance Solutions - Here To Know!

For businesses, the firm provides a suite of commercial insurance options designed to mitigate risks and safeguard against unforeseen challenges. 

From property and liability coverage to specialized policies for various industries, Shattuck & Grummett understands the complexities of the business world and provides peace of mind to its clients.

On the personal insurance front, the company offers various coverage options, including home, auto, and life insurance. 

Recognizing that each individual has distinct needs, Shattuck & Grummett work closely with clients to craft personalized insurance plans that provide security for their families and assets.

Employee Benefits Services – Go In-Depth!

Acknowledging the importance of a happy and healthy workforce, Shattuck & Grummett goes beyond traditional insurance offerings by providing comprehensive employee benefits services. 

The firm collaborates with businesses to design and implement benefit packages that attract and retain top talent.

From health insurance to retirement plans, Shattuck & Grummett is dedicated to helping companies build a supportive and competitive work environment.

Community Engagement – Read It!

Beyond its role as an insurance provider, Shattuck & Grummett is deeply committed to the communities it serves. Throughout its long history, the firm has actively participated in local initiatives. 

Community Engagement - Read It!

Supporting various charitable organizations and contributing to the betterment of Juneau and the surrounding areas.

This commitment to community engagement reflects the core values instilled in the company from its inception.

Looking Ahead – Gain Your Knowledge!

As Shattuck & Grummett Insurance enters a new era, it remains steadfast in its commitment to excellence and client satisfaction. The firm’s legacy is not just a testament to its past.

Still, it serves as a foundation for a future marked by innovation, adaptability, and continued dedication to the people and businesses of Alaska.


Shattuck & Grummett is a beacon of stability and trust in the dynamic insurance landscape.

As the oldest operating agency in the Last Frontier state, this esteemed firm has a heritage spanning four generations in the insurance industry.

Insurance is not just an insurance provider but a symbol of resilience, reliability, and a legacy that endures through the generations.


Q1: When was Shattuck & Grummett Insurance founded, and how long has it been operating in Alaska?

Answer: Shattuck & Grummett Insurance was founded in 1898, making it the oldest operating insurance agency in Alaska.

With over a century of experience, the firm has established itself as a trusted partner in the insurance industry.

Q2: What types of insurance does Shattuck & Grummett provide?

Answer: Shattuck & Grummett Insurance offers a comprehensive range of insurance solutions, including commercial insurance tailored for businesses, personal insurance covering homes and automobiles, and employee benefits services designed to support businesses in creating competitive and supportive work environments.

Q3: How does Shattuck & Grummett Insurance tailor its commercial insurance to different industries?

Answer: Shattuck & Grummett understands the unique risks associated with various industries. The firm works closely with businesses to customize commercial insurance solutions, addressing specific challenges and providing coverage that aligns with the needs of each sector.

Q4: What sets Shattuck & Grummett apart from other insurance providers in Alaska?

Answer: Shattuck & Grummett’s distinction lies in its rich history, commitment to excellence, and personalized approach to insurance.

As a fourth-generation firm, it brings a depth of experience and understanding to its clients, focusing on building lasting relationships and adapting to the evolving needs of the Alaskan community.

Q5: How does Shattuck & Grummett contribute to the communities it serves?

Answer: Shattuck & Grummett actively engages in community engagement, supporting local initiatives and charitable organizations. The firm believes in giving back to the community and is committed to improving Juneau and its surrounding areas.

Q6: Can individuals and businesses create personalized insurance plans with Shattuck & Grummett?

Answer: Absolutely. Shattuck & Grummett Insurance takes a personalized approach to both personal and commercial insurance.

The firm collaborates closely with clients to understand their unique needs and crafts customized insurance plans that provide optimal coverage and security for individuals and businesses.

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