Apria Healthcare Going Out Of Business - Ultimate Guide!
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Apria Healthcare Going Out Of Business – Ultimate Guide!

In a groundbreaking move within the healthcare landscape, Apria Healthcare has recently become integral to the Owens & Minor family alongside Byram Healthcare. 

This strategic alliance brings forth a host of promises for patients, ensuring a seamless transition while expanding the scope of healthcare offerings.

Continuity in Compassionate Care – Here To Know!

Patients who have come to rely on Apria Healthcare’s unwavering commitment to compassionate care and high clinical standards can find solace in the fact that these principles will persist under the Owens & Minor umbrella. The transition aims to maintain the quality of service that has defined Apria Healthcare’s legacy. 

Continuity in Compassionate Care - Here To Know!
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Apria Healthcare is committed to providing its customers with the highest quality of care. This transition will ensure that customers will continue to receive the same level of service they have come to expect.

Strength in Integration – Byram Healthcare!

The inclusion of Byram Healthcare into this collaborative venture adds a new layer of strength to the partnership.

The collective expertise of Apria Healthcare and Byram Healthcare under Owens & Minor’s leadership positions this alliance as a comprehensive healthcare solution provider. 

It will also ensure the company’s long-term success by providing a solid foundation for growth. The transition will be carefully managed to ensure a seamless transition for all stakeholders.

Expanded Product Offerings and Support – Check It Out!

One of the primary advantages for patients is the assurance of an expanded product portfolio and robust support systems.

Owens & Minor’s commitment to enhancing patient care is evident in the broadened range of offerings designed to cater to diverse patient needs. The new offerings include a wider range of medical supplies and advanced medical technologies. 

Additionally, the company will provide more personalised support for patients, making accessing care easier.

This commitment to patient care will help improve patient outcomes, reduce medical errors, and increase access to quality care.

Commitment to Patient Well-Being – Everything To Know!

The leadership at Apria Healthcare, now operating under the Owens & Minor family, reiterates an unwavering dedication to patient well-being.

This commitment is poised to translate into a seamless and improved healthcare experience for individuals receiving care at home. 

This commitment is supported by a comprehensive set of initiatives, including investments in technology, staff training, and partnerships with healthcare organisations.

Additionally, Owens & Minor is committed to providing education and resources to support patients and their families.

A Shared Vision for Excellence – Explore It Out!

The collaboration between Apria Healthcare and Owens & Minor signifies a shared vision for excellence in healthcare services.

The blending of Apria Healthcare’s legacy with Owens & Minor’s expertise is expected to result in a harmonious union that addresses the evolving needs of patients. 

A Shared Vision for Excellence - Explore It Out!
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This commitment will be achieved through investments in technology, improved patient communication, and an emphasis on evidence-based care.

In addition, Apria Healthcare will continue to focus on providing compassionate and personalised care to each one of their patients.

Assurance of Continuity – Let’s Learn!

Owens & Minor’s commitment to maintaining the high standards of Apria Healthcare assures stakeholders, emphasising continuity in care.

This commitment fosters trust among patients and healthcare providers, highlighting the dedication to seamless and reliable healthcare services. 

This commitment to continuity of care is further enhanced by providing patients and healthcare providers with educational resources.

This helps to ensure that patients and healthcare providers are updated on the latest advances in the field.

As this new chapter unfolds, stakeholders can anticipate a synergistic blend of Apria Healthcare’s legacy and Owens & Minor’s strategic vision.

The shared mission to enhance patient outcomes and elevate the overall quality of care remains a driving force behind this union.


Apria Healthcare’s integration into the Owens & Minor family, alongside Byram Healthcare, marks a pivotal moment in the healthcare industry. 

In addition to ensuring a seamless transition, this strategic alliance will expand the scope of healthcare offerings for patients.


Q1. Why did Apria Healthcare join Owens & Minor?

The strategic alliance aims to enhance patient care by leveraging the strengths of Owens & Minor while maintaining Apria Healthcare’s commitment to compassionate care.

Q2. What changes can patients expect with this integration?

Patients can anticipate an expanded product range and robust support systems, ensuring a seamless transition and improved healthcare experience at home.

Q3. Will there be a shift in Apria Healthcare’s clinical standards?

No, Apria Healthcare’s high clinical standards will persist under Owens & Minor’s leadership, ensuring continuity and reliability in healthcare services.

Q4. How does Byram Healthcare fit into this collaboration?

Byram Healthcare’s inclusion strengthens the partnership, contributing to a comprehensive healthcare solution provider under the Owens & Minor family.

Q5. What is Owens & Minor’s commitment to maintaining Apria Healthcare’s legacy?

Owens & Minor is committed to upholding the standards of Apria Healthcare, fostering trust and assuring stakeholders of continuity in care.

Q6. What benefits will this alliance bring to stakeholders and patients alike?

The collaboration promises a synergistic blend of legacies, addressing evolving patient needs, and contributing to advancements in home-based healthcare, benefitting all stakeholders.

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