Is Michaels Going Out Of Business - The Ultimate Guide!
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Is Michaels Going Out Of Business – The Ultimate Guide!

In recent years, there has been speculation and concern among consumers and industry observers about the future of Michaels, the well-known arts and crafts retailer.

Michaels, founded in 1973, has been a staple for DIY enthusiasts and artists, offering a wide range of craft supplies, home decor, framing, and more.

However, various factors have raised questions about the company’s financial health and ability to sustain itself in an ever-evolving retail landscape.


Current Challenges Facing Michaels – Here To Know!

Changing Consumer Behavior:

One of the primary challenges Michaels faces is the shifting landscape of consumer behaviour.

Changing Consumer Behavior:

With the rise of e-commerce and the convenience of online shopping, traditional brick-and-mortar retailers have had to adapt or face the consequences.

Like many others, Michaels has needed help to keep pace with the changing preferences of modern consumers.

Competition in the Digital Age:

The arts and crafts market has seen increased competition from online platforms and specialty stores.

E-commerce giants offer a vast selection of craft supplies, often at competitive prices, making it challenging for Michaels to maintain its market share.

Specialty online retailers have also emerged, catering to niche markets and further fragmenting the customer base.

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Financial Struggles – Check It Out!

Debt and Financial Restructuring:

Michaels has faced financial challenges, including a substantial debt load. In 2019, the company underwent a financial restructuring that reduced its debt through Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

While this move allowed Michaels to alleviate some of its financial burdens, it also raised concerns about its long-term viability.

Stock Performance and Investor Confidence:

The stock performance of Michaels has been another area of concern. Investors closely monitor the financial health of any company, and Michaels’ fluctuating stock prices have raised questions about its ability to deliver sustainable returns.

The lack of confidence among investors can further impact the company’s ability to secure the necessary funding for operations and expansion.

Response to Market Trends – Explore It!

E-commerce Initiatives:

In response to the growing dominance of e-commerce, Michaels has attempted to enhance its online presence.

The company has invested in e-commerce platforms, aiming to provide customers with a convenient way to shop for craft supplies. However, catching up with established online retailers remains a considerable challenge.

In-Store Experience and Innovation:

Michaels has also focused on improving the in-store experience for customers. The company recognises the value of offering a unique and engaging shopping environment.

In-Store Experience and Innovation:

Innovations such as in-store crafting events and workshops aim to draw customers back into physical stores, fostering a sense of community among craft enthusiasts.

The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic – Everything To Know!

The COVID-19 pandemic presented unprecedented challenges for retailers worldwide; Michaels was no exception.

Temporary closures, supply chain disruptions, and shifts in consumer priorities significantly affected the company’s operations. 

While some craft and hobby businesses experienced a surge in demand as people sought creative outlets during lockdowns, Michaels faced operational difficulties, including the temporary closure of its stores.

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Recent Developments and Future Outlook – Learn Here!

Acquisition by Apollo Global Management:

In March 2021, Michaels announced an agreement to be acquired by Apollo Global Management, a private equity firm.

The acquisition was seen as a strategic move to take Michaels personally and provide the company with the financial support needed for its restructuring efforts. The deal, valued at approximately $3.3 billion, aimed to position Michaels for long-term success.

Strategic Planning and Restructuring:

Under new ownership, Michaels has been undergoing strategic planning and restructuring.

Strategic Planning and Restructuring:

The goal is to streamline operations, optimise the supply chain, and enhance the overall efficiency of the business.

These measures are essential for Michaels to adapt to the evolving retail landscape and regain its competitive edge.


As Michaels navigates through the challenges posed by changing consumer behaviour, financial struggles, and the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, its fate remains uncertain.

Established in 1973, Michaels has long been a destination for do-it-yourself (DIY) enthusiasts and artists. The retailer has carved a niche by providing extensive craft supplies.

The arts and crafts retailer faces a critical juncture in its long history, and only time will reveal whether Michaels can emerge from these challenges more potent and resilient than ever.


Q1: Is Michaels still in business after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2019?

A: Yes, Michaels is still in business. The Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing in 2019 was part of a financial restructuring plan to alleviate debt and enhance the company’s long-term viability.

Q2: How has Michaels responded to the rise of online competitors in the arts and crafts market?

A: Michaels has responded to the challenge by investing in its e-commerce platform, aiming to provide customers with a convenient online shopping experience. The company also enhances the in-store experience to differentiate itself from online competitors.

Q3: What impact did the COVID-19 pandemic have on Michaels’ operations?

A: The COVID-19 pandemic significantly affected Michaels, leading to temporary store closures and disruptions in the supply chain. While some craft businesses experienced increased demand, Michaels faced operational challenges, but the company is working on recovery strategies.

Q4: How does Michaels plan to revitalise its business under the ownership of Apollo Global Management?

A: Under Apollo Global Management, Michaels is undergoing strategic planning and restructuring to streamline operations, optimise the supply chain, and improve overall efficiency. The acquisition aims to provide financial support for the company’s revitalisation.

Q5: What types of products can customers find at Michaels?

A: Michaels offers various products, including craft supplies, home decor items, framing options, art materials, seasonal decorations, and DIY project kits. The store caters to a broad audience with varied creative interests.

Q6: Are there any plans to expand Michaels’ presence or introduce new services?

A: Michaels’ plans may include expanding its presence through strategic initiatives. The company is continually assessing growth opportunities, both in terms of physical locations and the introduction of new services to meet the evolving needs of its customers.

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