Is Ark Cross Platform – Let’s Uncover The Truth In 2024!
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Is Ark Cross Platform – Let’s Uncover The Truth In 2024!

If you’ve ever dreamt of teaming up with friends on different gaming devices in the thrilling world of Ark Survival Evolved, your dream has come true. 

Yes, Ark Survival Evolved offers cross-platform play, currently supporting connections between Android/iOS and Xbox/Windows devices. Unfortunately, if you’re a PS4, MacOS, or Nintendo Switch player, crossplay in Ark is not available for your platform at the moment.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive into the exciting realm of cross-platform play in Ark, revealing not just the ‘what’ but also the ‘how’ and ‘when.’ Get ready to discover a gaming experience that transcends device boundaries.

What Platforms Support Ark Survival Evolved Crossplay? – Step By Step Guide!

In The First Place, Android and iOS:

Android and iOS users can rejoice as they seamlessly join forces in the prehistoric landscapes of Ark. Whether you prefer the portability of your mobile phone or the larger screen of your tablet, cross-platform play is at your fingertips. The shared adventure awaits as you explore together, regardless of your mobile preference.

In The First Place, Android and iOS:

Moreover, Xbox and Windows:

The integration of crossplay between Xbox and Windows devices brings a new level of flexibility to Ark gamers. Console enthusiasts can now connect with their PC counterparts effortlessly, creating a unified gaming experience. 

Unleash the power of cross-platform gaming between Xbox and Windows to ensure a seamless experience, whether you’re battling dinos on your Xbox console or surviving on your Windows PC.

Android and iOS Crossplay Setup:

Setting up crossplay between Android and iOS in Ark Survival Evolved is a breeze. Just ensure both devices have the latest game version, connect to the same Wi-Fi, and launch Ark. 

Enable crossplay in settings, sign in with the same account on both, and invite friends to join. Now, dive into a seamless gaming experience on both your mobile phone and tablet, exploring and surviving together.


Xbox And Windows Unified Gaming:

  • Ensure Crossplay Compatibility: Before you begin, confirm that both your Xbox and Windows devices support crossplay in Ark Survival Evolved. Check for any game updates to ensure compatibility.
  • Launch Ark Survival Evolved: Start by launching Ark Survival Evolved on both your Xbox console and Windows PC. Ensure that both devices are connected to the internet.
  • Access Settings on Xbox: On your Xbox, navigate to the in-game settings menu. Look for the crossplay options or settings. Enable crossplay to allow seamless connections with Windows devices.
  • More, Access Settings on Windows PC: Similarly, on your Windows PC, access the in-game settings menu of Ark Survival Evolved. Locate the crossplay options and enable them to open the door for Xbox connections.
  • Connect Xbox and Windows Accounts: Ensure that you are signed in with the same Xbox Live account on both devices. This is crucial for the crossplay feature to work seamlessly.
  • Join or Create a Crossplay Session: In Ark Survival Evolved, either join a crossplay session created by a friend or create your own. Invite friends from Xbox or Windows devices to join your session.
  • Start Your Unified Gaming Experience: Once connected, start your Ark adventure! Enjoy a unified gaming experience as console enthusiasts team up seamlessly with their PC counterparts. Explore, survive, and thrive together in the world of Ark.

Choosing Your Platform Simplified:

Lastly, Begin by acknowledging the flexibility crossplay offers, allowing you to seamlessly switch between mobile devices and gaming consoles or PCs.

Assess your personal preferences—whether the mobility of mobile gaming suits you or the immersive experience of console or PC gaming aligns better with your tastes. 

Take into account the location of your gaming community and friends; if they predominantly play on a specific platform, choosing that option enhances the multiplayer experience. 

Choosing Your Platform Simplified:

Review the game’s performance on your selected platforms, and be aware of current crossplay limitations, especially if you are a PS4, MacOS, or Nintendo Switch player.

 Armed with this knowledge, make an informed decision, configure crossplay settings accordingly, and connect with friends to enjoy a unified and simplified Ark adventure on your chosen platform.


When is Crossplay Available in Ark Survival Evolved? – 

The beauty of crossplay in Ark is its availability for specific combinations of platforms. Dive into crossplay adventures at any time when connecting with friends on supported devices. Ark’s crossplay feature is designed to ensure you never miss out on the action, fostering a sense of unity among gamers.

Crossplay sessions are available whenever you and your friends are ready to embark on an epic journey together. The game’s adaptive crossplay system ensures a smooth transition, allowing you to seamlessly connect with friends on supported platforms.

How Can You Enable Crossplay in Ark?

Check Compatibility:

Begin by ensuring that your chosen platforms (Android/iOS or Xbox/Windows) support Ark crossplay. Compatibility is key to a successful crossplay experience.

In-Game Settings:

Moreover, navigate into the in-game settings, usually found in the options or settings menu. Look for the crossplay options or settings and enable them to open the doors to inter-platform adventures.

Connect and Play:

Once crossplay is enabled, invite friends from different platforms to your game. Utilize the game’s built-in friend system to connect with players across different devices.

Crossplay is all about breaking barriers and creating shared memories, and now you’re ready to embark on an unforgettable journey together.


Troubleshooting Tips:

If you encounter any issues during the crossplay setup, check for updates on your game and ensure that all players are using the latest version.

Additionally, explore community forums or the official Ark website for troubleshooting tips and solutions.

Does Ark Support Crossplay for PS4, MacOS, or Nintendo Switch? – Last But Not The Least!

While Ark Survival Evolved embraces crossplay for Android/iOS and Xbox/Windows, unfortunately, the same can’t be said for PS4, MacOS, or Nintendo Switch players.

The Ark crossplay experience is currently limited to specific platform combinations. However, the gaming community remains hopeful for future expansions that may broaden the crossplay landscape.


Q1: Can I play Ark cross-platform with my friends on PS4, MacOS, or Nintendo Switch?

As of now, Ark crossplay is not supported for PS4, MacOS, or Nintendo Switch. Stick to crossplay between Android/iOS or Xbox/Windows for an unforgettable gaming experience.

Q2: Is crossplay available in single-player mode?

Crossplay in Ark is primarily designed for multiplayer interactions. While the game itself can be enjoyed in single-player mode, the crossplay feature truly shines when you team up with friends.


In conclusion, 

Ark Survival Evolved’s cross-platform play adds a new dimension to your gaming experience. Breaking free from the confines of individual devices, crossplay fosters a sense of camaraderie among players. 

Embrace the adventure, connect with friends across platforms, and let the crossplay journey in Ark begin. 

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